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About the Song
"Jordu" is a jazz standard written by Irving "Duke" Jordan. This song was first made popular by Clifford Brown, but many other jazz musicians such as Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd have performed renditions of it. It has a traditional AABA jazz form. The A section is comprised of two measure patterns, the first being a non-chordal pick-up measure in which the lead player starts a phrase on the "and" of beat 1 and leads right into the second half of the two measure phrase in which the rhythm players and the lead players both hit on 1, 3, and the "and" of 4. The B section is a circle of fifths pattern built on dominant seventh chords. The ending of the song contains a vamp on the last two bars of the A section followed by an alteration of the initial pickup measure ending on a minor-major seventh chord. This song was also performed by Clifford Brown & Max Roach Irving Sidney Jordan (April 1,.    Download this sheet!
About the Artist
Irving Sidney Jordan (April 1, 1922–August 8, 2006[1]) was an American jazz pianist. An imaginative and gifted pianist, he was also a regular member of Charlie Parker's so-called "classic quintet" (1947-48), featuring Miles Davis. For example he participated in the Parker Dial session that produced "Dewey Square", "Bongo Bop", "Bird of Paradise", and the ballad "Embraceable You". A number of these performances are featured on Charlie Parker on Dial.[2] He had a long solo career from the mid-1950s onwards, after periods accompanying Sonny Stitt and Stan Getz, he performed and recorded in the trio format. His most notable composition, "Jordu", became a jazz standard when trumpeter Clifford Brown adopted it into his repertoire. From 1978 he was resident in Copenhagen, Denmark, having begun recording an extensive sequence of albums for the Steeplechase label in 1973. Some of his best live recordings are available on the Steeplechase or the Japanese Marshmallow label. From 1952-62 he was married to the Jazz singer Sheila Jordan. "Jordu" is a jazz standard written by Irving "Duke" Jordan. This song was first made popular by Clifford Brown, but.
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