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A Gentle Wind Blows (ver. 1) by Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Piano Sheets and Free Sheet Music

About the Song
The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles video game series consists of Crystal Chronicles, a spin-off of the main Final Fantasy series, its sequel Ring of Fates, and their spin-offs My Life as a King, Echoes of Time, My Life as a Darklord, and The Crystal Bearers. Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates, and Echoes of Time have had released soundtrack albums to date, and Crystal Chronicles and Ring of Fates each have an associated single. Kumi Tanioka is the main composer for the series, having composed the three released soundtracks as well as the music for My Life as a King and My Life as a Darklord. Hidenori Iwasaki is filling that role for The Crystal Bearers. Nobuo Uematsu, the main composer for the regular Final Fantasy series, contributed one track to the Ring of Fates soundtrack. Yae and Donna Burke sang the Japanese and English versions of the theme song for Crystal Chronicles, respectively,.    Download this sheet!
About the Artist
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (??????????? ?????????? ,Fainaru Fantaji Kurisutaru Kuronikuru?) is an action role-playing game for the Nintendo GameCube. It is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series, and the first game of the series on a Nintendo console since Final Fantasy VI. It was released in Japan on August 8, 2003; in North America on February 9, 2004 and in Europe and Australia on March 12, 2004. Square (now Square Enix) created The Game Designers Studio, a second-party studio which included people who had worked on the Final Fantasy games for PlayStation to make Final Fantasy games for Nintendo consoles. Many new gameplay elements were included in this game, such as real-time fighting, as well as being the first console role-playing game to incorporate GameCube-Game Boy Advance compatibility. It was composed by Kumi Tanioka. The game was greeted with good reviews overall, with many calling the graphics beautiful and the multiplayer design innovative. Two further Crystal Chronicles games have been released (chronologically, one a direct sequel, one a distant prequel), and two more, one for the Wii and one for both the Wii and Nintendo DS.
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