How to read free sheet music effectively
If you are starting out learning how to play piano one of the first things is to learn how to read sheet music for piano. This includes usage of various concepts like treble clefs, bass clefs, key signature and ability to understand actual music notes.

The two clefs
When it comes to piano notes there are two kinds of clefs. Every clef will have a different note in the space and line. The notes typically begin from A and end with G and repeating the pattern again. Starting a piano sheet from C would then take you to D and then E. when it comes to reading sheet music it takes a little more practice and patience. You would need to memorize the music notes through acronyms to make it easier.

Treble clef
These music notes are played with your right hand. In terms of sheet music, the music notes would read as E G B D F. You can use words in place of alphabets to memorize the sequence correctly. When reading the treble clef piano notes on your sheet music the spaces would display notes in the order F A C E. This sequence is probably the easiest to memorize.

Bass clefs
This note on your piano sheet is played using the left hand. Lines will show the piano notes as G B D F A. In the spaces, the bass clef on the free sheet music would read as A C E G.

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