Everything about piano sheet music

Sheet music has a history of its own, dating back to the 19th century. In those days, musicians would play classic compositions using sheet music piano. Later on, when bands started performing, music sheets were back in vogue as a means to recreate these old compositions.

What is it?
Sheet music is nothing but a written notation of the piano notes. Depending on what musical composition the sheet music is for, the musical notes written will also differ. Most people have a wrong notion that it is only the popular compositions, which have recorded onto sheet music piano. However, several unfamiliar compositions have also been recorded using sheet music.

Different forms
Sheet music is available in various forms. If a single musician is playing the composition, only one sheet music piano piece is required. However, if a large group is playing the same instrument then every musician will have their own piano sheet music. Such pieces of sheet music are also called ‘parts’. If several instruments are used in the composition, the sheet music includes all the musical notes for every instrument. Such music sheets are also called musical scores.

Types of scores
There are several kinds of sheet music scores. These include miniature score, full score, piano score, study score, vocal score, short score etc. Each of these musical notes or scores have their own content and length. For example, the full score of music notes includes all notes of different instruments played. The miniature score is the shortest.

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