The joy of reading piano notes
Music is said to be the best medicine developed by nature. The thought and feel is said to have the power to bring back the dead. While playing music gives you the joy you just cannot contain, same is the case with reading piano music sheets. After all, it is sheet music which tells you exactly how to play that favorite tune of yours.

Many feel that reading piano music sheets is an ardent task. Well, this is exactly where are all wrong. It is certainly not the case that one glance and you will understand what is written in that sheet music. But it is certainly not as difficult as expected! Sheet Music is the language of expressing music in a readable form. And just like to learn a new language you need dedication and perseverance, same is the case with learning to read piano music sheets. Ultimately, piano music sheet reading is simply a matter of memorization and repetition. In other words, once you learn the basics, all you have to do is put them into practice, and do so as many times as it takes to completely internalize your note reading skills.

When you first look at a piano music sheet, you will be totally confused. There is no chance on earth that you will get even one syllable of what is written on the piano music sheet. But just like any other science, music is also a subject which has to be learned, understood and studied. Nothing falls into our lap from above. Slowly but surely, with persistence and knowledge, you will start understanding what the contents of that strange looking sheet music are. And as you become more and more confident and fluent with the language, you will be amazed by the fact that one syllable in the piano music sheet expresses so many feelings and emotions to us. The more you understand the language, the more you will start liking it. That is the beauty of sheet music. It is the most compact form of conveying what is in your mind. When you go deeper into the knowledge pool of sheet music, you will start playing the piano in your head as soon as you read a syllable written on the piano music sheet.

Also, the joy of reading a piano music sheet is experienced when you read a sheet of yours from long back. It acts like a diary for you. When you play your piano based on the your piano music sheet, all the moments and emotions of the past return back to you and put a pleasant smile on your face. When you read the sheet music of a friend of yours, it takes you close to him as though he is sitting right in front of you. Such is the charming effect of music that you are taken to the world of your dreams where you are alone and there is no limitation to your happiness and joy

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