How to enhance sight-reading for piano sheet music
If you want to learn how to play, the piano in a live performance impromptu then you need to improve your sight-reading of sheet music. Chances are you will have to play music notes, which are unfamiliar.

Picking it at random
One of the best ways to enhance your sight-reading of piano notes is to pick any book randomly and start playing. Ideally, you want to start playing these musical notes from the first page and continue until you reach the very end. The trick is to be stern with yourself and not stop playing until you reach the last page of the sheet music.

Problem areas Once you have finished playing the entire sheet music free piano you can revert to the problem areas. Give them another shot and try replaying these piano notes at random.

What it encompasses Sight-reading is nothing but the innate ability to recognize musical notes of the piano as soon as you see them. Some music notes are very easy and should not even need thinking before playing them. The same piano notes, if written in higher octaves would need a bit of practice.

Large audience If you practice your sight-reading of piano notes in front of a large audience, chances are your performance will be much better. Since there are more people watching you play your sheet music you will tend to play the musical notes right. This is a trick most seasoned pianists use.

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